#Information Technology As a Service

TSB, a digital services company/IT, based on the experiences and expertise of its employees, supports you in the management of your information system and digital transformation. Any Support about IT is needed? Please ask us.

A team of IT professionals always providing the best efforts to the customer to meet their requirement by providing the latest technology solutions and practices in a hybrid and secure cloud environment, and onsite support whenever needed.

We meet our commitment as a success

During the COVID crisis it is more difficult for most of the international IT companies to provide support outside of their countries.

We are the remote partner you need, and we will work as an extension of your services provided to your customers in France on your behalf.

We can assist you 24/7, either in offices, stores, factories, datacenters, airports, railways stations, or specific location you may have – Need help? Please feel free to ask us via the contact form, email, or phone.

# Our key is a tailored service

Most of the information technology activities can be managed by the MSP (Managed Services Providers) remotely, so much the better, thus onsite support is still a needed value that we propose as a partner.

Using your tools (i.e ITSM), tasks can be assigned to our team and we will complete the same manner you would do with the same SLA you have engaged with your customer. And we are also proactive when onsite – any issue the end user is facing we can report to you and help to resolve.

Our Team

System Administrator

Network engineer

Training team

What we offer

On site and remote support

End user support , break/fix, Smart-Hands, network, server, desktop/laptop, mobility.


Project management

Request - IT infrastructure project management - Audit


Device procurement

Any IT device you need can be delivered by our wholesaler to the customer site via a drop-shipping channel.

Then we can provide onsite support in collaboration with your teams for the configuration.

Network – Server – desktop – etc… at Offices, datacenters, stores, factories…


Why choosing our team

20+ experience in International organizations

Our expertise is based on the experience of each team member who has served large international groups.

Creative approach

All projects we manage are based on each customer own criteria. As each business is unique, each project must follow the same rules.

Professional team

Customer satisfaction is our priority when participating in their enterprise business projects.

Unified strategy

Your team and partners, our team, our solutions, all around a common mission: The success of your commitments.

Innovative solutions

Digital is changing the strategies of most organizations; we keep listening to technological innovations.

Customer support

Always one step ahead with user support by managed services. Centralization and processing the requests on a portal – or/and intervention on your sites.


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